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Wooclap - aid student involvement and check their understanding

Link to the site:

One of the keys to a to successful lesson is to have effective lesson objectives, that clearly detail what it is you want the student to have done, alongside this you need to be able to check that they have completed the task and understand to topic covered. That is where tools such as this come in handy. What is it

Wooclap is a audience response tool, that enables you to ask them questions and check their responses. You can use it in your classroom with your students, they can respond to the questions or polls in the quiz via their mobile devices.It is an easy and fun way to check learning has taken place and gauge student understanding.

How does it work

Having logged in you can upload presentation this can either be a PDF a PowerPoint or keynote you can also add a Google slides by pasting in the URL.

There is a huge range of question types that you can add including multiple choice, poll, find on the image, rating, open question, word cloud, find number, matching, prioritisation and sorting.

As with a lot of these types of sites it runs on a freemium model, the free version allows you to add a maximum of two questions. If you want to be able to add more questions then you need to pay a subscription and there are a range of different subscription models available.

Having finished crafting your questions, it is easy to share the quiz with your students, simply click start. It brings up a screen with joining instructions that show your students how to access the quiz. They can do this in two ways via the browser by adding a six character code after the website address or they can also join via text.

During the running of the quiz you can choose to display the questions and then after all the students have responded you can display a summary of the responses. It's also possible to download an Excel spreadsheet with a summary of which students have responded in which way to the specific questions.

If you like this type of site then I suggest you also look at my reviews of Poll Everywhere are Quizizz and Kahoot, as they all have very similar functionality.

When could you use it

I think it could be used to check students prior knowledge at the beginning of the lesson or a module or for checking their understanding throughout a lesson or at the end of the lesson as part of a recall and review activity. Because it's easy for the students to access the quiz and respond via their mobile devices it would mean that the students would not need to be in a classroom with computers to make use of this software.

Overall this is very easy to use piece of software and it's definitely worth considering alongside some of the other type tools I've mentioned in this post.

Here is my video guide:

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