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Socrative - Quiz tool creator

What is it

Socrative is a quiz creator, as with most of the tools I mention on this blog it is browser-based there is both a free version and a premium version, both versions are fully featured with the premium version allowing for multiple quizzes to be run at the same time.

How to use it

With more and more students having access to smartphones you are no longer dependant on being in a classroom with computers to make use of quiz tools such Socrative. It is easy for students to connect to the quiz from their own device by entering a simple code in the case of Socrative that is the room number or name which is typically your surname and a 4 digit code.

Having logged into Socrative you click ‘create a quiz’, you will them be required to name your quiz then you can add add questions in either a multiple choice, true or false question or a short answer format. I tend to stick to either multiple choice or true or false you can add an image to your question and then you can add up to 5 possible answers. Finally you can add the answer and save your question, questions can be shuffled in order using the arrows to the right of the question. When editing a question it is also possible to ask for additional formatting that will allow you to format the text.

Here is my video tutorial guide to using it.

Once all of your questions are added you can save your quiz and head back to the launch page from there you can select the launch options this allows you to choose the format of quiz you'd like to play with your students. There are three choices: Quiz, Space race and Exit ticket choose the one that you want. Then select the quiz options you want to use with activity there are three choices: Instant feedback where as the name suggests students get the answers immediately they answer the question. Open navigation where the students can go through all of the questions and then review the answers before hitting submit and getting feedback. Or the third option which is teacher paced after each question there is a pause to enable to you review the answer with your students.

When all students are finished you can download the answers as an Excel sheet or you can watch their progress as they submit their answers the progress street can be anonymized so you can show on the screen just showing the answers without revealing the students name.

Socrative is available for both Android and Apple devices, you can get either a student and teacher app. Making it very easy for them to access on the move Or you can access it via the browser.

When can it be used

I think teacher’s would find it really useful way to start a lessons using Socrative as part of a connect activity as a way to check students prior knowledge or to see what they've remembered from the previous lesson. It could also be used at the end of a lesson as part of an exit ticket activity as way of checking student understanding from what has been covered during that lesson, thus aiding the teacher in planning the next lesson.

For a quick visual summary on Socrative's features and ideas on how it can be used check out this infographic I have created.

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