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Unio by Harness - Get greater student involvement with your presentations

Link to the site:

What is it

We have all heard of the expression death by Powerpoint, As a teacher I am always on the lookout for ways I can actively engage my students during my presentations, wether thats through use of a quiz or a poll, or getting the students to carry out an activity.

Where as in most cases I would need to leave my presentation and access another app to make use of a poll or quiz tool, with Unio like Zeetings and Peardeck there are a number of tools included which are integral to presentation.

How to use it

Once logged in via email you can create a subject , having done that you click on the plus sign below the subject title to add a lesson. With the lesson created you can upload a document or Google slides presentation. Once your slides are in place, you can rearrange there order by dragging them or using the arrows.

To add additional content such an image, audio or video click on plus and choose the appropriate image or audio file, for video paste in the URL and choose which part of the video you want to play by entering a start and end time.

To add interactivity click on the plus in the top left corner and choose between a poll or a quiz and add the questions.

When you are ready to present to your students, click launch live lesson, students join by going to and entering a 4 digit code. You can see which students have joined and view their screen. You can also take over their screen and provide feedback via a symbol or by writing on their screen. Using the tools below. The tools can also be be used by the student to fill in the labels in a diagram.

Students can either follow the presentation slides along with you or if you click unsync they can view the slides at their own pace. If you want to get the student looking back to the front of the class you can click blank all the presentation is hidden and a prompt is sent to all students to view the teacher.

When could it be used

I could see this being used by the teacher as part of a connect activity at the start of the lesson to check prior knowledge, or during a lesson for the teacher to provide feedback as the students carry out a label a diagram exercise. Or I could see this being a used a the end of the lesson as of a recall and review activity checking students understanding of whats been covered in lesson. Here is my video guide to using it

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