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Vizia - Add interactivity to videos

Link to site:

Video can be a useful tool for teachers, whether it's used as a way of imparting information to their student or as a way of documenting what they have learnt. However,watching videos on their own is not enough, there needs to be some element of interaction. That is where Vizia comes in, it enable the user to add

Currently Vizia enables you to add interactivity to videos you can find on YouTube and Wisita. It is very easy to use having logged in with either your email or with your Google account, you need to find the video you want to use and paste in its url.

Having done that, you have the choice to add a quiz question, a poll, a response or a call to action at a specific point in the timeline.

Your finished video can be shared via a link or embedded into a web page. I could see this tool being an easy way for teachers to create flipped learning content, or check a student understanding on a particular topic. By ticking a box or the creating page it is possible to collect students' responses.

If you liked this site, check out the other tool listed here, which have similar functionality, Edpuzzle and Stream

Here is my video tutorial on how to use Vizia

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