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Google Drawing - Create image based resources

Google drawing is probably one of the less well known apps within the G Suite range. It shares similar functionality with the other G Suite tools, including realtime collaboration, a comment function and a chat function that allows you to communicate with other collaborators who are using the file at the same time as you. Google drawing allows you to insert links, tables, lines, shapes, images and text boxes, word art, these elements can then be arranged in order front to back within the document. The finished drawings can then be embedded into a web page, shared as a link, or downloaded as a: PDF document(.pdf), JPEG image(.jpg), PNG image(.png) or a Scalable vector Graphic (.svg). This functionally means it can be used in a wide range of ways to benefit both students and teachers, Here are some of my ideas on how it could be used by them.

  1. Create a digital notice board and embed it in a web page or VLE page

  2. Create and label an exploded view diagram

  3. Create a digital Mood board

  4. Create a magazine layout

  5. Compile visual reference

Here is a playlist of videos I have compiled, on the how it could be used in different ways mentioned above.

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