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Create posters with ease with DesignCap

For those who saw my recent Twitter post, you would have seen me talking about Digital Skills and mentioning my four C’s, those being create, Curate, Communicate and Collaborate.

What is it

This week the site I am looking at site that sits very nicely within the Create category. I firmly believe that in today’s world students need to have the skills to communicate using a variety of visual media.

Every so often I get contacted by a variety of tech companies asking me to review theire offering and that the case this time. The site I am going to be looking at is called Design Cap, it is poster and flyer creator.

How to use it

You can sign up using your Facebook login or email it is possible to create a poster or flyer without logging in. You simply click on the make a free poster or flyer button in the centre of the screen, or you can choose from one of the templates. All poster templates seem to be A2 in size which is 42 cm by 59.4 cm.

Having chosen a template, you can edit the existing element by selecting them, or you can add photo ,by uploading from your computer, importing them from Facebook or search Pixabay.

Inserted photos can be altered in size, they can be rotated left or right, they can also be flipped vertically or horizontally and you can also alter their opacity. Text can be inserted, with a range of pre-formated examples which you can edit the colour, font type, size and alignment.

The background colour of you image can also be altered, to either a solid colour, a gradient colour or you can choose one of the pre-formatted patterns, Finally you can also add clipart from a large range that includes shapes, icons and theme elements such as nature, love, celebration, lifestyle.

Your finished poster can be downloaded shared by social media or printed.

How could it be used

I could see this site being really useful for students to enable them to to create posters or flyers as part their assignments. Teachers would also find the site useful in enabling them to create poster decorate their classrooms or create resources they can use with their students.

Here is my how to guide:

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