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Videoscribe anywhere - Create animated whiteboard style animations

You find out more about the app by click here

Video can be a very powerful tool for communicating with learners and colleagues alike, it can also be a great alternative to a normal static presentation. Learners like them because they generally require less reading, this is because a lot of them allow you to record a voice over.

The added advantage of using a voiceover, means you require less words contained in your presentation, which in turn gives it a cleaner look and feel.

That is where the 'Videoscribe anywhere' app comes in, it enables you to create whiteboard style animated videos, which appear to be drawn as the viewer watches. Videoscribe is also available in the browser but that version requires a reasonably large monthly payment to access, unlike the iPad which just require a one off payment of £3.99 if you are looking to export a HD version.

Once the apps opens, you can add text by clicking on the T icon in the top menu , a separate pop up window appears, type in you text, then choose a colour, then click the tick icon to apply it, Once applied you can alter the size of the text and rotate it. You can also alter how long the text takes to appear on screen using a slider that appears below the text.

Images can also be added in a similar way by clicking on image icon in the top menu, it allows you to search their library of images or use one from your device's camera roll. As with the text, you can alter the size and how long it takes to appear. Each element you add appears in a frame in the timeline, you can click and drag these frames to alter there place in the timeline.

You can add sound in the form of music provided from their music library or you can add a voice over. Finished videos can be shared via your devices camera roll, once downloaded to your device you can upload the finished videos to Youtube or other video hosting sites such as Vimeo.

Here is a quick video guide on how to use the app.

All information was correct when this post was originallly posted on the 18th January 2017

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