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B+C guides - Create step by step instruction guides

When it comes to teaching vocational/practical subjects, there is often a need to show students how to carry out a particular technique or process, that may feature multiple steps. Historically this may have been shared with learners via a paper based handout which contained a bulleted list.

How with most students now having access to a mobile device, the need to print stuff out is less a an electronic guide with images that allows students to flick from one stage to other would meet be perfect.

That is where B&C guides (formerly Snapguide) comes in with this website and iPad app enables you to create simple illustrated instruction guide. You can add images and text, to guide your users through the various stages of your guide, you can also add a parts list.

I could see this being a great tool to enable Hospitality tutors to share recipes or science teacher or student for sharing the method and equipment used as part of an experiment.

The finished guide can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Facebook and email or embedded in webpage on your site or VLE.

Here is my walk through guide on using B&C guides (formerly Snapguide)

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