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Boclips for teachers - curate video playlists

What is it

Boclips is a video curation tool, As mentioned in previous posts video can be a great way to help engage learners whether that be as part of some of flipped learning always a way of introducing a section of a lesson. You don't always need to create your own content as there is such a lot of great quality video already published. The trick as always is to create the most appropriate content to share with your students and that's where the BoClips comes in.

How to use it

Having logged in use a search box titled I am looking for…. Simply enter the topic you are interested in and click search, it will then display the results as a list. Information displayed includes the title of the video, date of release, who it's by so if it's on YouTube then typically that would be an individual of it's a privately sourced video who produced it. A brief description, the length of the video itself in minutes, a transcript where available that you can download. You can also copy a link to the video or click on the +’Save’ to add it to one of your existing collections or create a new collection to add it to. Addition to your search results there's also upon the news feature that allows you to search the same topic in news related videos.

Just below the search box you will find a section titled ‘Most recent video collections’ this a range of video collections that have been curated by others. Typically it will display how many videos are contained within the collections, the subject and suggested age range. If one of these collections is of Interest you can bookmark it by simply clicking on bookmark icon.

If you click on the head and shoulder icon in top right corner you can access your saved bookmarks and your created collections. You can also refer a friend At the bottom of the page there's a button for exploring further collections. You can share collection by click on the link in url, there is not currently and embed option.

When can it be used

I think teacher’s would find it really useful as a way to curate videos with content that is mapped to a specific topic within the curriculum, or choose content for collections that have already been curated. If you like this post and features available in Boclips you may like my post on Huzzaz.

Here is my video walk through:

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