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Touchcast - create professional looking videos with in vision content

As I have said in previous blog posts video can be a great way to impart information to students, however I'm always looking for ways to make the video more engaging and interactive. This is where the Touchcast app comes in, It is a free app available on iOS and enables the user to shoot video alongside having maps, images, web pages and files in vision. This allows you to annotate or talk item more clearly. The screen can be split the in a variety of ways either having the item you are annotating on one side and you on the other or you can appear small in the corner of the frame. Key features include a teleprompt that enables you to add a script that you can then read through just as they have on telly. There is a whiteboard feature which you can used to draw on screen to aide you with your explaining. Camera settings allow you to switch between forward or backward facing camera, you can also correct colour temperature and use the mirroring feature flip your position in the frame. Finally there's also a virtual news and talk show studio that makes use of their green screen feature overall this is a very well featured app. This fab app allows you to create share and watch interactive videos. I could see this being a really useful tool for both students and teachers in enabling to create videos in which they annotate and reference particular images websites Maps etc.

Here is my video guide to using it

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