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Flipgrid - Create and facilitate a video based discussion forum

What is it

With the explosion in popularity of smart phones and more and more Colleges encouraging students to bring and use their own devices, the use of video as part of learning becomes easier to facilitate.

How to use it

Firstly log in via your email or through your Google apps or Office 365 login, once logged in you create a grid, adding a grid name, a description then setting the security and privacy settings. You can then alter the notification settings and set wether the grid is active or not.

Finally you can then customise the appearance of the gird, by adding a cover image, from either one the ones they provide or by uploading your own image sized 1500px X 500PX. The free account is restricted to one grid. Having created your grid you can add a topic, a topic is where learners share their video's. In addition to creating your own topics you can view other topics.

To create a topic, add a topic title, set a display date, so that topics can be ordered, set a maximum video length from 15 seconds to 5 minutes, add response moderation if required then add a topic description or question. Set the topic status to either active, frozen or inactive and set active dates add topic attachment in the form of a featured link with title and set response features. Finally choose feedback option press button to create topic.

Created topic can be shared with students by via url, embed code or QR code.

Flipgrid is also available as an app for both Apple and Android devices.

When to use it

I could see teachers setting a topic as part of a homework or in class task and getting students to post videos in response to the topic set. It could be a way of teachers getting student voice feedback on a module or course.

For Further ideas on how to use it check this infographic I have created.

Here is my video guide:

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