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Screencastify - Create video tutorials or video feedback

Link to site: Wether it is providing your students or colleagues with instructions on how to carry out a computer based task in a particular application or as a way of providing video feedback to your learners, screen recording apps and sites can be incredible useful tools. Unlike some screen recording apps that require downloading and installing, this one works as a Chrome extension. This means it can be used on Chromebooks and in educational organisations where typically you are unable to install software. Here is quick run through on how to use it Having installed the extension, press the film strip icon in the corner to the right of the web URL, the first time you do this, it will ask you to grant permission for use of your microphone and webcam, and ask you to sign into to you Google account so that your clips can be uploaded to your Google drive. Once all the set up is completed click on the film strip icon choose the whole screen or an application window, with the window that opens choose wether you want to capture sound, and webcam in addition to the screen, when you finish click on the film strip icon to stop recording and choose to share the video to download it to you device so that you can upload it to YouTube.

I could see this being an great tool for those looking to add a voice over to a presentation, or demo a piece of software, for your students to view outside of class, the first step in trying flip learning. Other screen recording extensions worth looking at are Vydyard See below for a video demo

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Hi, as far as I know Screencastify does not support mac. That's why I can't use it. Those who have a Mac can find out more info about ways to record screens on a Mac and easily choose the right one for themselves. I hope SC will introduce mac support soon.

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