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Loom Screen recording Chrome extension

With Colleges looking to reduce guided learning hours, in line with reduction in funding on certain courses, tutors need to look to maximise the time they have with the learners. One technique to enable this to happen is called flipped learning, that is where the teacher shares materials with learners in advance of the session, so that they can watch or review them leaving time in the lesson for discussions and questioning.

Loom is a screen recording extension available in Chrome, in a similar way to Viewedit and Screencastify, It enables you to record your screen and web cam. You can specify the microphone and web camera source and once you press record, you can choose wether you record an application window or the whole screen.

Once your recording is complete, your finished video is hosted on their site, you can choose whether it is available to anyone with a link or only accessed via a password. Just like YouTube, you can add a description, it provides you with the number of views and you can make comments that automatically map to a specific point in the timeline.

That is where Loom comes in, it is a Chrome extension, similar to Viewedit and Screencastify

Loom is available in the Chrome web store here

Here is my video walk through guiding to using it.

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