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Google Keep - make,organise and keep notes

Note taking is a skill in its self, and trying to get students to take notes can be like pulling teeth! Especially if you ask them to get out a pen and some paper, they would rather make electronic notes by typing into their phone, but this invariably results in them having random notes stored on their phone, potentially in a variety of different apps.

Now Google Keep won't make your students better note takers, however it will help them to keep and organise their notes in a more effective manner. Google Keep is available in browser or as an app for Android and Apple devices, you can also add a Google Keep extension to Chrome.

Having logged in via your Google account, go to, to get started, then just start typing where it says 'Take a note', it opens a new note, which you can title, you can add a reminder to , add collaborators, alter the colour of the note, add images add a label, add a drawing and show tick boxes.

I could see this being an invaluable tool for both students and staff, to help them organise themselves with the reminder function and take and organise notes.

A video walk through of the browser version appears below, a video review of the app will follow soon.

and a review of the iPad version

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