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Google slides - The presentation tool that does more than you think

What is it

If you are a regular visitor to this blog then you will be aware that there a large number of different presentation tools. With so many to choose from it is easy to overlook the more traditional offerings such Google slides with is their equivalent to Microsoft powerpoint.

Google slides come as part of Google Drive and just like the other Google drive apps it benefits from real time collaboration and automatic saving. It has all of the feature you would expect, such as being able to insert images, Text boxes, Videos, shapes, tables, charts, diagrams word art and lines.

Once you have created your presentation it is very easy to embed it within a a web page, simply go to the file menu and choose publish to web.

Here is my video guide on how to use the publish to web feature.

In this video I go through the latest updates to Google slide including, drop drag elements from Google keep, the introduction of Add ons, a Grid view, skip slide feature.

If you are looking for additional themes to the ones on offer from Google, it worths looking at A playlist containing all my Google slide videos can be found by clicking here

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