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Flexclip -easy to use browser based video creating tool

Welcome to this blog post, sorry for the lack of posts over the past few months, just like many of us I was working remotely thus spending lots of time looking at the screen so decided to pause the blogging for a bit.

However I'm pleased to say that I'm back and looking forward to writing regular posts.

With the house keeping out of the way onto this month's post. As a lot of us have found over the past few months of having to work remotely with various lockdown to cross the Globe, video in all its forms has been really useful.

Whether recording a video of a presentation for use in asynchronous lessons or using video to provide feedback to your students. It is a great way to convey a lot of information and has many benefits, one of which is that the viewer can watch it again and again until they are happy they understand what is being covered.

It can also be useful if they need a recap on a certain bit they can just rewatch that specific part. Another benefit from my perspective is it is much quicker to record a short video than having to provide written feedback.

So on to the site I am featuring in this month's blog post it is call Flexclip and it is a video creation and editing tool.

The version of Flexclip I am using is browser-based but you can also download and install a version on your device.

Here is my video guide

You can login with either your Google or Facebook login, once logged in you can pick from the various templates they have available Including business, social media, slideshow education, wedding, lifestyle and travel. You can either use one of these templates as the basis for your video or you can start from scratch with a blank template.

Navigation around the site is easy. There is a menu on the left hand side where you can access the home page, your projects and stock videos. Having selected the template you want to use simply click on it and that will bring up the edit screen.

To the left of the edit screen you'll find a menu with different elements that you can add to your video; these include templates, Media, text, overlays, elements, background and music.

Select the type of content you wish to add, and choose for the available options, once added you can edit, the length of stock videos, the colour of overlays text and background colours.

When you choose medio you can either have the choice of using the stock media they provide or you can upload your own files, or use the recording feature to record your screen or your webcam.

At the bottom of the screen there is a timeline where you can see each of your frames to add a new flame simply click on the orange plus, below each frame it tells you how long in seconds it lasts.

Above the video preview is an option to transform the video, You can either rotate to the right or the left or you can Flip It vertically or horizontally.

Having finished editing your video you can preview using the button in the top right hand corner or by pressing play on the timeline. once you're happy with your phone up again you can export in top right hand corner You can choose from either an MP4 or a gif file format

Your finished video MP4 file can be exported at 480p with the free version or you can pay a subscription fee to export at 720p or 1080p.

In conclusion, I like that it is easy to use and provides you with lots of stock video footage and overlays, as I have already mentioned it could be used by teachers to create asynchronous lesson content, or as a way of providing feedback via the screen record feature. I could see students using it for creating assignments. As with all these types of sites, you just need to be aware of the costs if you decide you need your video at more than 480p.

If you like Flexclip you may also want to look at my post on Adobe Spark

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Mar 30

This is the first time I've heard of Flexclip, but apparently it's a very useful and interesting thing for working with video. Can you tell me if it can be used for online screen recording? At the moment I use for online recording, as I have not found other alternatives in this regard and what other functions supports Flexclip?

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