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Explain everything app - create whiteboard style interactive videos

When teaching it is sometimes useful to further illustrate a point or a technique by writing or drawing something on the whiteboard. However the nature of using a whiteboard means anything we add to it is potentially transient, as we need to clear it off to make way for further explanations.

It also makes it harder if we want to provide students with a copy of the notes we have written or if we want to flip some of the content so that they can review it before the lesson.

Thats where the explain everything app for iPad comes in, it enables the user to create a whiteboard style video with voice over. You ca create a new project in both portrait or landscape view, the project canvas can be blank,from one of their background templates or from an image or document that you have uploaded.

From a menu on the left hand-side you can choose to write or draw with pencil or pen, you can add shapes, add fill colour, add text, insert new or existing pictures, new or existing video or audio or a new maths equation, all inserted element can be moved around the canvas.

I could see this app being a really useful tool for Maths and Science teachers as it enables them to go through and explain the workings out of a particular technique or process.

Here is my Video guide to using Explain Everything

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