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Flipboard - Collate and share content, that can be be viewed as a magazine

As I said in earlier blog posts, the skill of curation is one that we need to develop not only in ourselves but in our learners. With the internet having a wealth of information available it is important that students and teachers understand how to find the information most appropriate to their topic or assignment.

That is where an app such as Flipboard comes in it allows you to identify a number of different sources related to a specific topic of your choosing and then create a magazine based on those themes and sources. Or you can choose to follow one of their smart magazines focused on content that they have already curated.

Having created or followed a magazine you can then view the content by flipping your finger across the virtual pages, what I really like is the way that social media feeds appear illustrated with images that don’t always appear when you're viewing the original source.

If you find an article you are interested in it is very easy to share it via your linked social media accounts. Stories are generally previewed via a brief snapshot of the article, which provides you with enough info to decide if wish to read the whole thing, which you can do by clicking.

You can also link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to Flipboard and them view your feeds by flicking through the app. Flipboard is available as an app for iOS or Android device or through a web browser.

I find it a great way to keep abreast of developments in subjects of interest both my work life and hobbies whilst also being a much quicker way of working because I don't have to go to multiple sources.

Here is my video guide to using the app on an iPad.

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