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Aurasma iPad app - bring your handout and class room poster to life.

Despite the proliferation of technology in the classroom, occasionally there is still a need to share information with learners in a paper format, whether that be in the form of handout or a poster display in the classroom or corridor.

However that does not mean we have to do without technology completely, there are a number of ways we can add interactivity to your paper based resources. One of the easiest way is the use of QR codes, with most learners now having access to a tablet or mobile phone with a free app they can scan the code and be directed to any online url.

Another way is using Augmented reality instead of scanning a code, any image based trigger can be used. That is were Aurasma comes in it is easy to use and is available for both iOS devices and Android devices.

Here a brief run through of how it works, having logged in, you photograph something that you want to be the trigger for the video. There is a coloured indicator which has red, amber and green this will tell how distinctive your trigger image is, the more distinctive the quicker it will load the video.

You then choose the short video you want to appear, this can either be for their library or from your device, you can then rotate and position the video in the frame and save it as private or public. If saved as public when someone points their device at the the trigger image with the Aurasma app open, the video with automatically load and play.

I could see this being a great way to bring class handouts and wall displays to life or as a way of creating an interactive treasure hunt to familiarise students with campus facilities

Here is my video walk through guide on how to use it.

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