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  • Writer's pictureJames Kieft - Create interactive worksheets with this easy to use site.

Link to site:

With this site you can create interactive worksheets for your learners. You can log on with using either your email or via your Google account. Once logged in click create and you can then choose from one of the design themes down the right hand side.

Have chosen your design theme you can start adding activities, there are a number on offer including, open question,Multiple choice, Fill on an image, Matching pairs, Text, Image, Link, and Embed

Having added your tasks you can then assign it to your learners, they will need to sign to get access, which can be a bit frustrating, but the added benefit is that you will see all their answers collated.

I could see the finished worksheets working well as either a Connect or recall and review activity allowing you as the teacher to checking what information the learner has retained.

My walk through video guide can be seen below.

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