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Webjets- a space to collaborate

As I have mentioned before in previous blog posts one of the key digital skills that both staff and students will need to be able to utilise is that of collaboration. As look back over the past 2 years, more and more of the web tools now enable us to connect and collaborate. More recently most of the edtech tools I have reviewed over the past 12 months have some ability to collaborate.

What is it?

And that is true of latest site I'm looking at which is Webjets, it provides a canvas in which you can add a wealth of different elements to, you can also share that canvas with others giving them either editing or viewing rights.

How does it work

You can log on with either email or via your Google account, once you've logged on you will see a menu on the left-hand side that will show you some examples of who you can use Webjets, at the bottom of that menu you can create a new board or folders to organise your boards.

Having created a board you can rename it by clicking on the pencil besides the name, if you click on the three dots . You can lock it, create a new view, share it and publish it, you can also change the colour of the background.

Along the bottom of your board is a menu that will allow you to add a Card, a List, Mindmap and a Table, this can be done via drag and drop. You are also able to add a Youtube video and search Wikipedia for a post.

Once you've added a card you can add text by double-clicking with it. Files can be uploaded by dragging and dropping them onto the board, they can then be added to a cards.

Lists and tables can be added directly to boards or added to cards and content can be dragged and dropped onto them making it easy to organise information in a visual manner. Added items can be minimised by clicking on the arrow beside their name, the colour of title bar of items can be made different colours to make it easy to identify different elements.

All added items can be moved by clicking and dragging around the board to lay them out in the manner which suits your needs. Added content such as video embedded You can zoom in and out of the board via the + and - % at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

I particularly like the visual nature of it and the way that's easy to display content in a variety of different ways. My only suggested addition would be for people to collaborate via a link only, at the moment you need to add an email address if you want them to edit and this prohibits its use with groups of students because that would take forever to add all of your students.

When could you use it

From a teacher perspective I could see WebJets being used as a way of collecting and curating content as part of a project. Teachers could use it as a way planning delivery with colleagues working together to organise and arrange teaching resources or planning modules.

I think it would be particularly useful for students as a way of organising and arranging their research materials. I think it would appeal to Creative arts students who would like to visual nature of it and could find it a great way to arrange their ideas and display the research that has influenced their work.

Here is my video walk through guide:

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