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Wakelet - Web curation service

Link to the site:

What is it

There is a wealth of content available online, it is our role as teachers to curate that content and identify the materials that are most appropriate to the subject we teach and our students. I also firmly believe that curation a key digital skills that we need to teach our students.

That is were sites like Wakelet comes in its a site that enables the user to curate and categorise content , then share their curated collection.

How to use it

Having logged in, you can create a new collection or story by clicking on the green plus. You can then add a title and a description, along with a background image and a cover image, once you have done that you add media, from Twitter, web links, saved items and text. Once you have added the all the items you want you can use the easy reorder mode to re-order them. Having created your collection or story you can alter the view, choosing between Media view, compact view and grid view. As some of you may be aware Storify goes offline on May 16th 2018, If you have been using it to curate Twitter stories and want to keep access to your stories. Wakelet makes it very easy to import your story. Just click on the 'Import from Storify' enter your twitter handle, then select the stories you want to import. They will email you when its complete. A guide to that process and create a twitter story in Wakelet can be found here;

When to use it

I could see Wakelet being used by teachers in a number of ways, this could include the curating of lesson resources and useful additional reading, or providing module reading lists which they could then either shared via link or embedded into a web page on their VLE. With contributor function it could be used by teaching teams to collaborate on the curation of teaching resources. Students could use it to curate research resources they have used in support of assignment, or as a way of showcasing their work as part of a e-portfolio. For Further ideas on how to use it , check out this infographic I have created.

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