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OneNote - a virtual notebook that enables you to create, share and collaborate.

What is it

As I said in many of previous blog posts one of the key skills we need our young people and older people for that matter is to learn how to work in collaboration whether it be face to face or online. That is where tools such as Google Docs and in case of this blog post OneNote come in handy

How to use it

So what is OneNote, OneNote is a workbook that you can collaborate one of the differences between it and say Google Docs is that you can insert sections and within each section you can insert multiple pages.

It's easy to navigate between the different functions using the menu at the top left corner It contains the following headings File, home, insert, draw, view and print

From the home menu you are provide with the typical word processing tools, you can to format text, size and colour just like you would in say Microsoft Word.

Having created a page from the insert menu you can you can add a table, a picture, online pictures , you can add an attachment, add a link, add a symbol and you can also record audio. If you have access your OneNote via your school or College account you can also Insert Microsoft forms, Education resources and stickers.

From the drawing menu you can access a type tool, a marquee selection, an eraser a pen or a highlighter, you can change the colour you can alter the thickness of any lines your draw

From the view menu you can edit the view you can change to reading view, show offers look at page versions and view deleted notes you can also check accessibility. You can also access the immersive reader. My video guide to the immersive reader can be found below

When to use it

I could see OneNote being of great use for both students and teachers alike. I could see teachers using it to collaborate with colleagues to aid them in planning and curating notes and resources for their lessons. They could have different sections for different classes.

With OneNote Class note book they could have there students, either work Collaboratively with their peers or with them the tutor. This will have the added benefit of allowing them to see the work has been generated that's allowing them to make early interventions if the work is on the wrong track.

My video on using OneNote Class Notebook can be seen below

OneNote is available for free for both Apple and Android devices can be accessed via a native app that can be installed on your Mac or PC or via a browser the online version.

Here is my quick video guide to OneNote

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