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Vibby highlight and share parts of a video

Video can be a very powerful assessment tool or a great way to impart knowledge to students via some flipped learning. However sometimes when you find a video online there is only a small part of it you want to use.

This is were Vibby comes in, With this site you can highlight and comment on a particular part of a video, so students only need to watch the part of the video relevant to them.

It is easy use, having logged in via your social media account or email , just click create, select a video from Youtube and copy and paste in the url then hit start. As you get to the particular part of the video you want to highlight click start highlight then click stop highlight once you have got to the end of the section you want to highlight, you can then add a comment to explain the highlight. You can then repeat the process to add further highlights.

Once complete you can save your Vibby and share one of the highlights via social media, via a link or use the embed code.

I could see it being used effectively by Music and Performance students as way of providing peer feedback or by their tutor as a way of providing suggested areas for improvement.

It could also be used to highlight a specific areas of a video that you want your students to watch.

Here is my first attempt

Here is my walk through video guide

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