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  • James Kieft

Thinglink - Add interactivity to your images

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Link to site:

The old adage a picture says a thousand words is never truer with Thinklink. You start by uploading an image having done that you can then add pins to that image.

The pins allow you to add interactivity your images, in that you can add link to related online content, that could be a Youtube video, a website or a google document.

The links appear as pins when the user rolls the mouse over them content appear as in a new window. I could see this being used by teachers or students as a way of allowing them to collate and present resources in a more visually appealing way. On way of using it could be to upload an image of an labeled drawing or a exploded view diagram and them add links to resources related to the labels on the diagram.

The finished image can then be shared via social media or embedded in a web page.

Here is my how to video guide.

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