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Scoop it - Collate, curate and share useful information found online.

Link to site:

I think we would all agree that there is a plethora of information available online, now not all that information is accurate and useful to our students. Our job as educators is not necessarily to create more content but to identify the correct and most appropriate content then collate and curate and share it with our students. We also need to provide our student with those same skills.

That is where a sites such as comes in as it lets you search and curate content thats already published on their site or add additional content that you have found from the web. You can then collate the found content into topics, those topic collections can then be shared via social media such Google+ and Twitter. Or you can embed you collection into a web page of share via a link. Topic collections can be tagged so that they are easier for other to find, it is also possible to track the number of views you receive by adding analytics via Google analytics.

Here is my walk through video guide to using it.

This is made easier by using their Scoop it extension thats available from the Chrome store or you can get the app on your Apple or Android device.

I could see this being a really useful for teachers and students alike in making it easier for them to collate and share their research sources.

Free account is now very limited, a monthly subscription cost is now charged.

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