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Quizizz - create online quiz which student can respond to from a ranges of devices

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The best lessons are those that feature lots of checking on learner progress and understanding, there are many way this can be done and technology can assist you with this.

Quizizz is a multiplayer quiz that you can use in your classroom with your class or for homework, Students can respond to the questions in the quiz via their mobile devices and is a great fun way to check learning has taken place.

As a bit of competition, you can set it to display the learners rank after every question, you can also set a timer, this means the quicker the learner answers the more points they achieve. The other option you can set is to have a funny image appear to tell them wether they are right or wrong.

Here is an infographic I ave created wich summarise the functions of Quizziz and how it could be used with students.

At the end of the quiz you can see which learners got the most questions right. It also gives you an opportunity to download the a CSV file of the results.

You can either create a Quizizz of your own questions or use one of the Quizizz that has already been created.

Quizizz is also available as an app for iOS devices, here is a link to the app store

Here is a guide to playing it with your learners

Here is quick guide to creating quiz in Quizizz

For more videos of using Quizizz click here to access my YouTube playlist

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