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Poll Everywhere - features a number tools for engaging with your learners

Whether checking learning, capturing learner voice, encouraging debate polling tools can be a very useful addition to the teachers tool kit. Poll Everywhere is one of the more widely known sites, and since I last looked it has got some extra features. Having created an account and logged in, to create a poll you simple click on the red button 'Create Poll', add your question in the pop up that appears

Then choose wether which type you want, multi-choice, open ended, Q&A/ brainstorm or click able image. For multiple choice you can add, question text, a link to an image. For open ended you can choose format in which the responses will appear these include a text wall, a word cloud, a cluster and a ticker. For Q&A your audience will submit questions for a panel and for brainstorming your audience will submit all of their ideas. Clickable image works by allowing your audience to click on a specific bit of the image. Having created the poll learners can respond by either going to the provided URL or by texting a code. You can only have one poll can be active at anyone time. The free account is limited to 40 responses per poll. You can also use the app to allow you to embeds you quiz in to your Google slides, Powerpoint or Keynote. Here is my quick video guide.

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