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There is a wealth of content available online, our job as teachers isn't necessarily to create more content but to choose content that's appropriate to our students learning.

It also important to teach those curation skills to our students so that they can pick out, the most appropriate information to support them in their studies.One of the quickest sources of information is social media as it allows us to get both information and opinion, but with so many different social media platforms the job of curating content from those manually would Too time consuming.

That's where comes in allows you to choose a variety of different social media sources and then enter words relating to the subject that you'd like your paper to be created around.

It will curate all the posts related to your chosen topic referencing the original person who shared them on social media whilst also providing a short preview of the text and accompanying images.

You can choose between a classic layout and new layout, Once your paper is created you can share it via social media, and each day it will generate a new paper based on the latest posts.

I could see this being really for students following a particular theme in relation to a topic being studied as part of their course.

Here is my video guide to using

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