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My Simpleshow create illustrated video

The old adage a picture says a thousand words rings true especially when you are trying to explain a theory or concept to your students.

This site enables you to create illustrated video presentations, in a similar fashion to Videoscribe, where you can add a range of different black and white images to appear at different points in the presentation, and then add a voice over or you one of their text to speech voices.

As a starting point you can either write a script or upload an existing Powerpoint, there are 4 stages to creating a video, draft, write, visualise and finalise. In draft, It will ask the purpose of your video, ask you to tag your video with 3 words, it will then show you potential storylines that they feel would be of use to you. In Write it will ask for a title and meaning, the text you enter here will become the voice over. In visualise it will get you to choose appropriate images to illustrate your video presentation. The image will either be from their library or you can choose to upload your own.

I would see this being a useful tool for teachers in aiding them to create video presentations as part of producing some flipped learning content, or for students for creating work for an assignment.

You can log in with your with email or social media account. the finished video can be uploaded to Vimeo and Youtube, or share via social media.

And here is my video walk through on how to use it.

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