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Miro - a flexible whiteboard style online space, for ideas development and collaboration.

Link to site:

The development our students digital skills now ranks as important as the continued development of the English and maths skills. If I students are to succeed when they progress into work or high education, they need to be comfortable and confident with working collaboratively with peers in different locations using technology This is where tools such as Miro come in, It provides a whiteboard style canvas that you draw on, type on, insert sticky notes, add files from Google Drive, dropbox, OneDrive and Adobe creative cloud. Your board can be shared as you would share a Google drive file allowing people to can view, can edit or can comment on the board. Finished boards can be saved as a image, a PDF, saved to google drive, exported to CSV embedded in a web page,or shared as anyone with the link can view. You can also insert wireframes, paste in iFrames and search icons from Icons finder and images via Google’s image search. One feature I really like is called ‘Capture web page’ where you enter the URL and it provides an image of the webpage and a link to it. I could see this being a great way for students to collate research or develop ideas or it could be used to work on live projects with employers. Teacher could use it to assit with the planning and mapping resources to schemes of learning.

This tool is available as an app for both , Android, Windows and iOS

Here is my walk through video guide to Miro formerly Realtime board

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