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MentiMeter- Great for creating interactive presentation

Whether delivering a lesson or presenting at conference, it always good to have some opportunity for the audience to get engaged, no wants to be accused of death by slide deck. With more and more people having mobile devices it is easier than ever for them to interact and engage with activities linked to your presentation.

Here is my video guide on how to use it.

Mentimeter enables you to create a presentation and then add a range of different ways for your audience to engage they include, multi-choice, image choice, scales, Word cloud and open ended to mention just a few.

Having created your presentation with your questions you can share it with your audience via a link which lets them respond without have to log in. Their responses appear in real time on screen in which ever format you have selected, my favourites formats are the word cloud scales and multi-choice. You can also share the results of the question via a link or embed code.

The free account , limits you to two questions within slide deck, which is fine for most users, however you there are paid accounts if need more.

I could see this being of great use to teachers and other presenter in helping them to check the understanding of there students or audience members understanding of a particular topic during a presentation.

You can sign in with either your email, Facebook or Google+ account.

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