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Smore - online poster creator

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

What is it

We are now very much living in a connected world, with a lot of the adult population having access to the internet via a smart phone. Social media has played its part in connecting people regardless of their geographic distance.

Where historically you may have put up a poster on a notice board or on a telegraph pole to promote an event or activity , now you want something electronic that you can share via social media.

And that is where Smore comes in, it enables you to create an online poster.

How to use it

Having signed in with either your email, your Google apps or Office 365 log in, you can choose one of its many templates for promoting an event, a business, something you are selling or for a news bulletin or to outline a class activity.

Having chosen a template you can add different elements including text, links, videos,and images. Once the poster is completed you can share it via social media and it will track how many views it has received.

When to use it

I could see teacher using it as a way to enliven the way you produce course resources or as a way of producing and sharing flipped learning content. They could also use it as way to remind students about an event or trips they are going on. or Students could use it to present course work or showcase skills they have acquired whilst on the course. Since this review was created Smore have added a charge of $79 for educators. Here is my quick video guide.

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