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Kialo Edu - online disucussion

Link to the site:

As I mentioned in previous blog posts one of the many digital skills that students and staff need to develop, is that of communication and collaboration. This can take many forms and can be both synchronous and asynchronous meaning everyone can contribute at the same time or people can drop in at different times. A great example of this would be an online discussion forum. Whether you using a VLE or Microsoft teams or Google classroom they all features some element of online discussion.

So does the tool that I'm reviewing in this blog post, it's called Kialo, you can sign up for using either your Facebook or Twitter logon or via email. Once logged in you can explore current public discussions that are ongoing, By either clicking on the Featured, New, popular or Hot menus, or the various discussion tags. In addition to the title of the discussion you can also view its various stats including the number of contributions, Number of votes, Number of participants and Number of views. I could see this being a really useful tool for teachers to use to engage students in debate and disucssion. It could also be a way to facilitate class disucssions on the current news stories helping the to tutor embedd equality, diversity and values.

Here is my video guide:

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