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Google hangouts and hangouts on air - Connect with colleagues wherever they are!

Google hangouts are a great way to connect and chat with colleagues who are at different sites. With the FE area review currently taking place in the UK it is likely that Colleges will merge and this will find that there is a greater geographic spread in distance between their campuses.

Google hangouts is a video calling service offered by Google, it allows up to 25 colleagues to connect via a video chat, if they have Google apps for education account or up to 15 Colleagues if they are using a personal google account.

During a hangout the user can share his or her screen with the other participants, making it a easy way to carry out training or present a presentation remotely, could also be a way of getting employers involved in project based learning.

The video below details how to use Google Hangouts

Google hangouts on air allows you to broadcast live, participants can ask text based questions, and access showcased links. They can either watch live or catch up later via watching the video on youtube. This could be a great way to do remote delivery across a number of different site. Or can be used as a way of enabling guest speakers from around the world to come in to your classroom.

The video below details how to use Google Hangouts on air.

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