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Google Classroom

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

The virtual learning enviroment (VLE) has been a staple of colleges and universities for a number of years, enabling them to share content, hosting learning activities, manage assignment hand ins, provide feedback to students all whilst providing a space for learning conversations to continue beyond the classroom.

Google has decided wants part of the pie, with more and more schools and colleges making use of Google apps for education and a massive growth in Chromebooks ( their chrome browser based laptop) They have decided to launch Google classroom as with all Google edu tool it works from the browser and it very easy to set up. Initally just available to Google for edu customers it it now accessible to anyone who has a Gmail account.

Google Classroom is a new app from Google Apps for education.

It allows the tutor to set and manage assignments, provide feedback and share teaching resources with students.

It brings together the key features of Google drive, docs and gmail to make the whole process of managing assignments and providing feedback much more efficient.

The video below is a quick walk through I have produced.

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