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Ginger - grammar checker

Updated: May 2, 2023

Alongside Maths and Digital skills, the development of written English skills is a key element we need to help our students to develop. With more and more students using social media as a way of developing their online profile, it is important their posts are spelt correctly.

That is where Ginger comes in, it is a chrome extension that enables the user to check their spelling and grammar whilst writing emails or social media posts. Once the Chrome extension has been added, it shows spelling and grammar errors by highlighting them in blue, as you roll the mouse over the highlighted word it suggests a correction. You can then select the correct spelling by clicking on the tick or add the word by clicking on the plus symbol. It can also be used by clicking on the Ginger logo on the browser address bar an typing into the box that appears.

I could see this being and invaluable tool for both students and Teachers in enabling them to ensure that their spelling and grammar is correct in emails and social media posts.

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If you looking for alternatives check out or which was suggested by a reader Victoria, Thank you.

Here is my video guide to using it

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