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DesignEvo give your site or presentations a professional look with this logo creator

Having a positive online presence can make all the difference, when students graduate from college and are looking to progress onto higher education or employment. As it can allow the university or the employer to see more about there potential recruit over and above there qualifications.

A great way to give your social media feeds and website a consistent look and feel is to add a logo. This is were DesignEvo comes in , it enables the user to create a custom logo from a large range of templates related to specific categories. Once you have chosen a template, you can add in your name. You can then alter the font style, colour and size, change the background colour or leave it transparent.

You can also search different icons, which can be rotated, resized and recoloured. Your finished logo can then be shared via social media or embedded into a web page.

I could see this site being useful for teachers in enabling them to brand their class social media feeds, or course resources thus giving them a professional and cohesive look. Like wise students could use it as a way of naming there course work or on there social media feeds as mentioned earlier.

Here is my video guide to using it

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