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PosterOven - online poster creator

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

What is it

We know how difficult it is to prise students from their mobile devices, so why not make the most of them having them by creating resources that they can access via them. That is where Poster Oven come in its a free online poster creator.

How to use it

You don't need to log in you just start by go to and click get started, it will ask you to choose a template from the large selection available, next you edit the design change the colour and remove graphic elements you don't want and potentially upload your logo, then you edit the text that appears on the poster, add links to you social media channels or website URLs it will automatically create the corresponding QR codes, finally you can download your finished poster as a PDF or a PNG.

When to use it

I could see teachers using it as way to link their student to resources for use in class, or for connecting their student the course online community or VLE pages. Students could use it create posters to promote event they are organising as part of their studies.

Here is my walk through guide.

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