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Create mindmaps with this easy to use app or via the browser

Link to site:

Mind-maps or brainstorms depending on what you prefer to call them are a useful tool.

Wether it is to arrange and structure your thoughts and ideas, or for creating a set of instructions as a flow chart they can be very useful.

There are lots of site and apps out there that allow you to create Mind maps and a number of them feature on my blog such and MindMeister. However for ease of use Popplet has to be one of my favourites, it is very easy to use and on the free iPad version you can export your finished mind-map to PDF via email or save a JPG to the camera roll on your device.

Popplet lets you add images, text and drawings to your mind-map as well as letting you to change the colour of Popplets frame. I could see it being useful in capturing ideas potentially related to project based learning.

Here is my video guide on using Popplet Lite iPad app

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