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Clipix - curate and organise content

With so much topic content available online it can be easy to be overwhelmed, that is why the skill of curation is so important for both teachers and students, That is where sites such Clipix come in similar to Pocket and Scoopit this site lets you collect and collate your web links in categories and then share them with others.

It is a easy way for you to organise and share links with your students, or for them to collect and organise links as part of their research. Using the Chrome Clipix extension, All you need to do every time you visit a site you find useful just click on the extension icon in the browser window and it will allow you to add the link to an existing clipboard or create a new clipboard.

Clipix is also available on both Android and Apple store, so that you can continue to collect and organise your links on the move.

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