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Wheel decide - a easy to use tool for randomising topics or names

Questioning is a key tool to allow us as teacher to check that our students have understood what is being covered in the lesson.

However sometimes there is a dilemma as to which student to pick first to answer the question, or wanting to make sure that we include every student when asking questions. Now there are low tech solutions such as the use of coloured lollipop sticks, each with a different student's name on.

That is where Wheeldecide comes in it is a browser based site that allows you to enter the names of your students or topics that you covered once you've entered them you can spin the wheel and it will pick one at random.

It is easy to modify a wheel, click ‘modify wheel’, it gives you the choice to type in or paste in a list, you can also alter the colours of the various segments within the wheel.

Having created a wheel you can copy the URL which is unique to your own wheel and then paste it into a presentation so is always ready to use again or you can embed it into a web page.

Here is an alternative to Wheeldecide, that is available for iPad.

Here is my video guide to using it.

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