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Vocaroo - Online voice recorder

Link to the site:

With increasing popularity in podcasts and audiobooks, audio clearly has its benefits as a way of sharing information. For those students with dyslexia or who just struggle to gain meaning from the written word the use of audio could help them to understand instructions more clearly could be a real benefit.

How to use it

Vocaroo is a browser based voice recorder, with an easy to use interface, you can either upload your audio if you have already pre-recorded it. Or you can press the big red record button and start recording it. To the left of the record button there is a pause button making it easy to pause your recording if needed.

Having finished recording your audio,it can be shared in a variety of ways across social media. Or it can be shared via a QR code that is generated by Vocaroo, via a web link or you can copy the embed code this could be useful if you're looking to add some audio to your VLE or web page.

How could you make use of it

I think Vocaroo could be used in a variety of ways to support your students learning. It could be used to provide feedback to your students on an assignment. You could use it alongside your written feedback adding a QR code to your written feedback that links to the audio giving the student the choice either to reading the feedback or listening to the audio. Vocaroo could also be used as a way of providing students with instructions for homework tasks.

It could also be used by students, they could record their reflections on a piece of work they submitted.

What are the potential benefits

The great thing with audio feedback or instructions is that students can listen again and again making sure they understand exactly what are the areas that they need to develop further, thus helping them to improve on the assignment next time round.

Here is my video walk guide:

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