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Visuwords the visual Dictionary and Thesaurus

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If you teach in further education, you are well aware of the need to help students to develop

skills associated with Maths, English and Digital alongside the delivery of their vocational subject.

This is ideally achieved by helping the students to develop good working practice and providing them with a range of tools and techniques that can help them to achieve this.

Here is my video guide.

Where you or I may have gone to the library to look for Thesaurus or a Dictionary students need the instant gratification of being able to access the information via the phone or portable device.

That's where Viswords comes in, it enables the students to search for a word and for it to be displayed in a visual mind map. The word that has been searched for appears in the centre of the page and then other alternate words around the outside. When you roll your cursor over the word it provides the definition.

Nodules on the mind map of different colours to highlight whether the word is a noun, a verb, an adjective or an adverb. The lines that join the mindmap are all different patterns to highlight the different aspects or relationships between the different words.

I could see this being a really useful tool for teachers and students. Teachers can search for word in advance and then copy the URL and link it to a presentation and then just click on it when they do the presentation and it will load the mind map with all of the related words.

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