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TagCrowd - Word cloud generator

Link to the site:

Regardless of which subject you teach , more than ever there is a focus on the overall development of a students skills required for employment. These rightly include Maths, English and more recently digital skills.

Written english skills are as important as they have ever been, in addition the essays and the assignments students have always had to write, the digital element has seen more students writing blog posts and other social media posts. When it comes to most subject there is a lot of associated vocabulary for students to learn. The easiest way for them to become familiar with it for them to see it in around teaching environment, wether that be on screen or printed out.

A fun way to display key vocabulary related to your subject is through the use of word clouds, and that is where TagCrowd come is in, it has to be one of the easiest to use tools for creating word clouds. No need to log in simply choose the source of the text it can be added via a weblink, an uploaded document, or by pasting text in directly.

The url option makes it easy to display new stories might be away to encourage a discussion related to specific new events.

Other word Cloud creators to consider are WordArt.

Here is my video guide to using it.

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