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Stampsy - create visual narratives

Link to site:

Stampsy is an online site that allows the user to create and present visual narratives, which can then be shared via social media. Other Stampsy users can like it by clicking on the heart symbol similar to Twitter.

You can also update your profile to add an image, a short biography and link to your site. You start by uploading your images, they need to be a minimum of 1024 pics, having added a cover image and title, you can add a text section, sound via sound cloud, video via Vimeo and multiple image in either a list or grid format.

I could see this being a really useful tool for arts and photography students, in that it provides them with an easy to use interface, that produces a very professional looking showcase for their images, and could be a great of allowing them to create an e-portfolio, which they could use at interview.

I could also see it being used by student share their completed project work with their peers as part of an online critique. Here is a link to my first Stampsy. Here is my video guide to using it.

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