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Snappa - Create graphics that give you social media channels a consistent look

Link to site:

Wether it is jazzing up your to you social media channels to give them a more consistent and professional look or creating graphics for a presentation, there are now a number of great easy to use browser based applications.

Snappa is the latest addition of this type of application to be released and it very richly featured. Having signed in via email you are greeted with a number of social media sized templates or you can chooses to create one to suite your specific needs by entering in the size you require in pixels.

Having set the size you can choose a background image from number of freely available background images, patterns, colours or upload you own. Having added image you can apply an effect to image to make it darker or lighter making it easier to see any text you add over the top of it.You can then add the text, shapes and icons.

Having finished the image you can either download it or share it. With social media now able to play such an influential role in helping you to promote your skills I could see this being a useful tools for student looking to give there social media sites a professional look. Here is my walk through guide to using it.

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