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Plickers - phone app for checking learners progress

The checking of learning is a key part of any lesson, but during the start of the term before the students have got to know each other, you can find that the students are reluctant to let there peers know that they don't understand. That is where a response system that students can use to respond without letting other students know what they are saying.

That is where Plickers comes in, it is an app that allows you to check your students understanding by using your phone or tablet to photograph your class whilst they hold up coded cards.

A great way to check your students understanding without them needing to have access to a device.

It requires a bit of setting up, firstly you need to log into the Plickers site and download and print out the cards,then add your students to your Plickers account, assigning them to a numbered card. You can then ask questions of your students and they can provide their answers by holding a card a particular way round. Using the app you can then scan the cards and the results then show up on your device.

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