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Pixlr browser based image editor

Link to site: Just as the iPad has become synonymous with tablets, when it comes to image editing the default is Photoshop with people often referring to an image being Photoshopped regardless of which software was used to edit it. However as with a lot of proprietary software it has over time grown in size and complexity and now requires a powerful high spec machine in order to run. That's fine if you're a professional designer or you can justify the expense of purchasing the software and a suitable machine to run it. However for most of us we can’t justify such an expense we just want a quick and easy way to edit our images. Thankfully that is where Pixlr comes in, it comes in two version, Pixlr Express that allows you to add filters and effects to your image and Pixlr Editor that provide a more richly featured editing environment. Here is my guide to using it

Pixlr editor allows you to edit your images in the browser. With a Photoshop style interface and tool box, that lets you crop, resize, straighten and rotate images easily. You can also add text and make use of layers to create composite images, layered image can also be saved . I can see this site/app being of real use to students and staff alike in giving a fully featured image editing environment all from the browser.

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