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Nicertube - present Youtube videos on a customisable page of your choice

As we all knowYoutube is an invaluable tool for uploading your video resources for students to access or for finding and sharing content that is already uploaded.

However the big issue is that when a students views a video in YouTube they are presented with lots of distractions such as other videos of a similar nature, or video similar to other they have previously watched.

With Nicertube you can take the URL of any video from YouTube and add it to a plain page, of one colour of your choice or add to one of the page designs they provide.

It is very simple to use simple add the Youtube URL the one from the top of the page, not the link at appear when you click share. Then you can customise the appearance of the page by choose a colour by adding a HEX Value, or choose one of images to use as a background have chosen click create and it generates a new URL that links to the page with your video.

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